Hotel Green Horizon ready to welcome guests with more enhanced hospitality and services

Namaste and greetings of the day to everyone! We hope that you and your beloved ones are blessed with sound health and prosperity and all the positive energy. If you are reading this article, you must be a travel lover who loves rambling around the globe and planning to travel to Nepal. Some might be traveling to Nepal for the first time and some regular and repetitive visitors with heartfulness of love towards this nation. During the Nepal visit, the most important and the very essential thing to be considered is the choice of hotel in Kathmandu. It is really very important because as there is a saying, “The first impression is the last impression”, the very first impression of Nepal to the tourists is highly dependent upon the hotel they stay in at Kathmandu. As Kathmandu is the only city in Nepal with an international airport so far, the hotels in Kathmandu and the hospitality and services have a very sensitive influence on tourists.

Considering the importance of offering quality hospitality and services to the tourists, we at Hotel Green Horizon have been putting all our efforts to make our premises and our amenities up to date and tourist-friendly since we started our hospitality business in the late 90s as Hotel Horizon. We have served thousands of tourism enthusiasts from around the globe so far and 99% of our guests have positive remarks about the property, staff, and services we offer. People from different age gap, various nations, multiple professions, and in different seasons but the consistency in providing the best of the hospitality and services and the hard work and dedication has always been the main reason for achieving the positive review from our guests and we have even been recommended to the friends and relative of our guests which is really an inspiration for us.

Horizon Garden Restaurant and Bar from the top of the building

Hence, in the span of more than 2 years which has been very tough for everyone, and of course, the travel and tourism industry worldwide had been the prime victim because of the travel bans and all. Travelling was not possible as the threat of Covid and cautiousness for the health was a major concern. And we, Hotel Green Horizon, had no source of income and were running on loss but somehow, we had to keep operating. We did the best we can, the best. And finally, with the help from our dearest friends and the motivation and support from our guests, we planned something new. We decided to utilize that spare time to do something productive. We planned to renovate and redesign our premises for the much better and more enhanced hospitality and services to the guests post-covid with more facilities and with the best use of the available space.

Now, this is the time, we are launching the all-new Hotel Green Horizon with Horizon Garden Restaurant and Bar and the coffee shop. With the consistency and enhancement in the respect, and the services towards our guests, we have added a lot more features utilizing the spare time and the space that we got. 

A garden restaurant and bar at the premise, a coffee shop at the entrance, the rooftop area, a stage for live singing and a lot more enrichment in the garden area, better amenities in the rooms, and additional features in the reception area. That’s what we did for a re-opening and re-welcoming guests at our hotel in Kathmandu, Hotel Green Horizon. We hope you would love to stay at our Hotel during your Nepal visit and enjoy the meals and drinks at our restaurant and bar with the lovely people.  See you at Hotel Green Horizon soon!!!